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Society Staff:

Joseph Garrera, M.A., Executive Director, ext. 19;

Jill Youngken, M.A., Assistant Director/Chief Curator, ext. 20;

Tom Briggs, Buildings, Grounds & Maintenance, ext. 17
Marguerite Cruz, Internal Accountant, ext. 16;
Carol Herrity, Reference Librarian, ext. 12;
Alyce Templeton, Development Associate, ext. 14;
Sarah Thayer, M.A. , Curator of Education, ext. 15;

Phone: 610-435-1074

Board of Trustees:

Sonya R. Siegfried, President
Dr. Michael Gray, Vice President
Myron Yoder, M.Ed., Vice President
Alan France, CPA, Treasurer
Robert M. McGovern, Jr., Assistant Treasurer
Major Nathan Kline, USAF-Ret, Secretary
Stephen Gehringer, Assistant Secretary

David K. Bausch
Sandy Beldon
Joyce Crosby
Belinda Gray
Malcolm J. Gross, Esquire
William C. Hacker
Rev. Grant E. Harrity
Ardith Hilliard
David Keehn, Esquire

Charles J. Kelly, Sr
Dr. James Kintzel
Winifred DiLeo Melinsky
Erik Olson
Donald Snyder, Esquire

Hon. Michael Schware, Ex-Officio


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